Athena Chan

The Singapore education ministry’s guidance to universities to postpone trips to Hong Kong comes on the back of a government advisory for Singaporeans to defer all non-essential travel to the protest-hit city.


Several of Hong Kong’s biggest banks said they have enough cash on hand to handle any contingencies and are keeping a close eye on their ATM networks.


Violent clashes brought the city’s air traffic to a halt on Tuesday, prompting injunction against demonstrations. Riot police and private security guards were stationed at the site.

Protesters fight police in scenes of unprecedented violence at Hong Kong airport, as officials secured an injunction to remove those occupying the terminal building.

Demonstrators descend on departures area on Tuesday afternoon as airport tries to recover from crippling impact of Monday’s mass sit-in. Angry confrontations ensue between travellers and protesters blocking their path.

Demonstrators don eye patches at Lantau Island hub, one of the world’s busiest international airports, in anger that a girl allegedly shot with a police beanbag round could lose an eye.

City leader tells young people, ‘We hope that we can fight together to build a better Hong Kong’ – but another official says protesters trying to provoke Beijing.

Enormous demand in other alternatives such as day-care services and private care homes mean few options are available unless families can provide adequate financial and physical support.

Gary Fan of NeoDemocrats says government is fuelling clashes among residents by branding protests a separatist movement so as to justify police crackdown.

Joanna Hu began as a dish washer for store owner Gigi Tsang, but her employer’s encouragement means she’s now the first Home Brew Coffee Master with a hearing impairment, and helps run part of the business.

Care4ALL programme will run until February and will focus on those with depression, anxiety, acute stress and PTSD, with more than 50 Hong Kong practitioners volunteering to take part.

Shops and market stalls look set to close early ahead of march against mob attack that hit subway station last week. Fearing more clashes, some local residents are leaving the city for the weekend.

Boosted by the popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the performances are increasingly normalised the world over. Bryan Chan thinks Hong Kong is starting to catch up.

Disused house on Cumberland Road is set to become a Chinese studies centre but fans want to restore it and turn it into a museum devoted to the star, who died in 1973.

Study aims to estimate speed of influenza spread and to predict epidemic’s size both before and during the outbreak after classes for young children have been abruptly cancelled for two consecutive years following winter flu surge.

Two in critical condition in hospital, with four seriously injured, following Sha Tin clashes, leading to arrest of dozens, while lawmakers criticise police tactics.

Success rate lowest since 2012 with only 74 per cent students finding place at their first choice of school. Students must report to allocated secondary schools on Thursday and Friday.

Kyle Yip Wang-kui could not secure a seat in university after public exam because of poor marks, but succeeded in life with the help of vocational education

The god was a historical figure, a third-century general named Guan Yu, and shrines to him are common sight in shops, restaurants, police stations and gangsters’ hideouts.

Hundreds of demonstrators dressed in black descend on Kowloon Tong and Central stations, as commuters voice their support and say they will join march planned for Sunday.

Three of the men were injured and one was accompanying a friend; all had told staff they attended Wednesday’s protest. All four were arrested on suspicion of rioting but none have yet been charged.

Territory-wide System Assessment aimed at children in Primary Three, Primary Six and Secondary Three age groups, with some schools making all pupils take tests and others opting for a target of just 10 per cent of class.