Daniel Bases
Daniel Bases
Daniel joined the Post as US correspondent in 2019 to cover the evolving US-China relationship. He’s an award-winning print and broadcast correspondent and editor who analyses and reports on financial markets, foreign policy and general news. He started his journalism career at CNN then spent 22 years with Reuters on assignments in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

In wide-ranging remarks, US president also says China has manipulated its currency and reiterates that the US is ‘not going to do business with Huawei’.

China has fallen behind Mexico and Canada as the leading US trade partner after total value of bilateral trade dropped by nearly 14 per cent in the first half of the year versus the same period in 2018.


The US says if it doesn’t get the changes it wants, it will not apply ‘developing country’ status to countries it thinks no longer qualify for special treatment.


Larry Kudlow insists US is ‘ahead of the rest of the world’, but many tech analysts disagree, saying it lacks a telecoms giant like Huawei to equip a network end to end.

Senator Marco Rubio says he is building on Trump administration’s efforts ‘confronting the Chinese government and Communist Party’s predatory economic behaviour’.

Executive order bars the use of telecoms equipment made by companies deemed a US national security threat, hindering the Chinese firm’s efforts to expand into the critical 5G market.

Democratic Party founder Martin Lee and activist Nathan Law have been asked to testify about the bill before the US Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

The rebound in US stocks on Monday ‘leads me to think that while the markets are saying this isn’t much fun, this is still likely to blow over’, an analyst says.

Chinese family allegedly paid US$6.5 million to mastermind of college-entry cheating scheme to assure child’s admission to Stanford University, US media reports.

Washington to auction largest ever radio spectrum to support 5G telecommunications, with the Federal Communications Commission devoting US$20.4 billion to boost broadband in rural America.